Optimise Deals

Whether you’re in business or looking for a better deal on your home loan, Peerless Finance assists with strategies to reduce your interest, minimise your loan term, and gain equity in your property. As an impartial third-party, we can give you an objective assessment of your loan and how it can be improved in your favour.

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

In some cases, refinancing with another financial institution may not be possible. This may be due to rules governing your Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI), required for loans with a loan to value ratio (LVR) of over 90%.
We work with your current bank or lender to optimise your deal by renegotiating your interest rate, opting for a better fixed or variable rate term, and introducing cost saving measures such as an offset account. We’ve helped dozens of clients pay off their mortgage faster, and gain equity in their home years ahead of schedule.

Optimising Multiple Loans

 If you are an investor with a broad portfolio of loans, we can assist you with discussing more favourable terms with your current bank or lender. We can help reduce the risk of overleveraging, and ensure you have the lowest rates possible, giving you control over your long-term goals.

We’re Peerless Deal Optimisation

Peerless Finance are the proven experts in assisting clients renegotiate and optimise their loans to save them money and slash years off their loans. If you feel trapped by LMI, we can help you find a way through. Contact us to discuss your situation, obligation free.


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Why People Choose Us


We help clients lower their interest and overall loan term without moving lenders

Extra Facilities

We help you negotiate better facilities into your loan, such as an offset account

Investment Loans

Investing in property? Talk to us about optimising your entire portfolio of loans

Loan Reviews

We provide regular and impartial loan reviews to help you stay on the right financial path

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Optimise Deals
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If you’re interested in optimising your current loan or mortgage deal, talk to the experts at Peerless Finance, free of charge.

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