Do you feel you are paying too much on your existing loan or mortgage? If you haven’t reviewed your mortgage or loan in the past three years there’s a good chance you can do better. Peerless Finance has over three decades of combined experience finding both individuals and businesses more favourable rates, better loan repayment structures, and helping them to save money through mortgage or loan refinancing.

Residential Refinancing

If you have bought your first home, or have added to your investment property portfolio in the last two to three years, it’s time to review your loans to see if you can get a better deal. Peerless Finance helps dozens of homeowners and investors to gain more favourable terms, lower interest rates, and improve their financial positions.

Business Refinancing

Maintaining cash flow in a business is as integral as your people and your product. Refinancing your equipment or assets can generate considerable savings, freeing up capital as a reserve or to use for future purchases or growth.

Redraw and Offset Facilities

Your first home or business loan may have suited when you first took it out – or may not have suited your situation at all. Refinancing is a chance to not only secure a lower interest rate, but incorporate money saving facilities such as offset accounts and redrawing.

Valuable Refinancing Advice

Are you looking for refinancing advice that’s not only practical, but actionable? Peerless Finance can review your mortgage or finance portfolio to give you insight into how refinancing or restructuring can save you on interest.

We’re Peerless Refinancing

Peerless Finance and our combined three decades of refinancing and broking experience has helped dozens of home and business owners unlock the potential of refinancing their loans. Talk to us for a review of your loans. There’s no obligation to apply.


Refinancing Benefits

Lower Interest Rates

Refinancing can lower your overall interest rates, and your monthly repayments.

Business Refinancing

Let us take a look at your debt portfolio to see how refinancing can free up cash flow.

Better Facilities

New loan products could mean additional offset or redraw facilities to help you save money.

Expert Advice

With over 30 years experience in refinancing, Western Australians turn to Peerless

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